With no big budget and just an idea, WOMOM was founded by us – Kerstin Rothkopf and Annette Granados Hughes in April 2017. In July 2017, Tatjana Peco and Sophie Rolf completed the WOMOM team. Together we are the creative minds behind this label. 

It all started when our kids where one year old as a project of the heart. Our aim was to prove that you´re not less or more of a woman just because of having kids or not. We think that the fashion industry and society doesn ́t need to separate „maternity“ and „women“. Why don ́t open topics and make them available for everybody to close this gap between women?
But it became way more - WOMOM say´s Adieu Cliché and brings women in different situations of life together! 

Just as we´re growing into everything life has planned for us, this label is growing with us and the experiences we make. 
WOMOM isn´t about fashion - it´s our way to share experiences.
WOMOM is a place where all woman can exchange and feel understood and supported.