We care

That´s why we think that our purchasing choice can make a difference.

We are committed to genuine sustainability right through our supply chain.
Organic and ethical standards are therefor the starting point.

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Many of you may wrongly think that textiles coming from India or Bangladesh are produced under unfair conditions. But you are wrong. Fair Fashion can be produced anywhere in the world, if standards are being observed and controlled steady.
That’s why our suppliers are part of


FWF exists to promote fair labour conditions in the textile industry worldwide.



Talking about sustainability –
We do not only care about our loved ones…
That’s why we think it’s not okay, to order clothes just for wearing them once and then returning them. Clothes which are in such a clearly worn state, that they can´t be sold anymore.

But we WON´T throw them away anyway. We decided to sell those kind of clothes for a lower price! Also clothes with little stains or printing faults. Find these clothes in
still wearable