get naked

It´s time to get naked! It´s time to talk straight about sex – in all it´s forms! 

From childhood – where flowery metaphors like the Birds and the Bees are used educate children about sex – to youth and adulthood – where magazines and advertisements tell us the “truth” about sex, our bodies and how to love…

Talking about sex in all it´s forms – not only the act itself – is either a taboo subject or controlled by ideas that are formed by society. So how englightened are we really?

Together, we want to raise the sheets and to encourage you to free yourself!

Sex education is important – but it’s even more important to share experiences to show that there´s more to talk about besides the biological part. To prove that’s there’s no right or wrong when talking about sex, our bodies, our desires and all kinds of love.

Free yourself, to empower others! Because you grow through your experiences.

We want you to break the taboo and share your experiences, your thoughts, your wishes and your advice. Speak up: openly and freely.

Who would you like to write a note to?

To your younger self? Your current partner, or your ex? Your parents? Or your daughter or son? 

Or just to yourself, as a little reminder?

To whom? And what would you like to tell them?


Write it down and send us your „notes to..“ postcards anonymously by mail. 

We can´t wait to see the postman bringing us all of your letters!


Feel free to share your notes online by using #notestoyouandme 

All of your notes will be published anonymously on

With the proceeds of the get naked collection and your submited notes womom will

produce a book for you and me.